Morion Company offers the widest selection of Laboratory Created rough minerals and cut stones for jewelry. We provide traditional materials such as Cubic Zirconia, Colored Quartz ,Flame Fusion Corundum and Spinel as well as unique products such as Synthetic Diamonds, Tanzanite look-alike Created Forsterite, Hydrothermal Beryls, Ruby and Sapphire, Pulled Alexandrite, Synthetic Opal and many others. Our Company is proud of our reputation for prompt and professional service. We mostly sell our products wholesale to Jewelry manufacturers, however, small orders from hobbyists-gemcutters and collectors are always welcome!


We are now proud to offer a large selection of different materials and elements which are intended for technical use. All of these materials can be custom ordered according to the need of the Customer. We deal with a wide spectrum of traditional optical and laser products (windows, prisms, lenses etc), nonlinear crystals, acousto-electronics, piezo electric materials and others. We are among the few suppliers of such materials in the United States. We provide fast, professional service and guarantee these materials to be of the highest quality and their properties to be exactly as you need them to be. Most of the materials that are not priced on the catalog will be estimated and priced on an individual basis. This is because these materials will be specifically manufactured to fit your description.

NEW Optical Colorless Sapphire Crystals, regular and UV stable


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