We specialize in the distribution of all varieties of Laboratory Created minerals for jewelry and technical use.

Morion Company was established in 1993 by Leonid Pride, Ph.D. in geology-mineralogy and Uriah Prichard, M.S. in geology-geochemistry. Currently, the head of the Company is Uriah. Leonid continues to work as a consultant.

Due to established business relationships with foreign producers (mostly from the regions of the former USSR) of various Synthetic minerals, we have the ability to offer these high quality products to the American and International Markets at very reasonable prices. Morion Company offers prompt, professional service and constantly increases its variety of products. We have had excellent reviews in Gem & Gemology, National Jeweler and American Gemcutter magazines, but our most gratifying response has been from our many satisfied Customers who have written and told us about the excellent results of faceting our materials.

Beginning in the 50's, USSR was traditionally a leader in the production of these materials because of their extensive use in Military and Space Industries. The Soviet Government contributed generously to the scientific projects in this field. Consequently, the Institutes of the USSR Academy of Science and secret Scientific Military Laboratories were involved with this work.

From 1954 to 1973, Leonid worked at the largest Soviet piezo-quartz locality in Ukraine and was a witness to how the synthetic quartz gradually forced the natural quartz out of the industry. This happened because of the increase in price which came from increased depth of mining. The high cost of natural quartz also came from the cost which was incurred from the restoration of the damaged land after the mining. In fact the quality of the synthetic quartz completely satisfied and continues to satisfy the needs of the industry. At the beginning of the 80's, the mining of quartz in this locality was halted. Similarly, the mining cost now continues to rise dramatically through the whole World because of the increasing depths of mining and environmental costs.

Uriah worked at the gold and polymetal deposits at the Kamchatka Peninsula for 15 years. This natural northern region belongs to the Pacific Volcanic Belt and is phenomenally unique. He saw how slow the regeneration of Nature in this area was and that there was usually no way to eliminate the damage, once it had been made. Very often, the consequences of mining are also unpredictable. Uriah observed the field of the beautiful hydrothermal springs with their healing properties disappear after observational drilling first began. He saw how the river, once rich with salmon, was dying because of the leaking of the poisoned underground water from the mine.

All of these things happened in the beautiful land, which deserved to be a world famous reservation area.

The future of mankind is beginning to depend on the production of synthetic materials for various purposes. This is an unavoidable process that we must accept. A woman wearing a diamond does not think about the average of eighty square meters of land surface and six tons of earth that was excavated in order to extract each carat of her diamond. Behind it is also the life of the animals, poisoned and deprived of their ecology and the danger to the miners which comes from the nature of their labor.

The new industry of synthetic minerals is coming closer and closer to being able to substitute all properties of natural crystals. Furthermore, some of the properties of synthetic minerals even exceed the properties of their natural counterparts. The goal of our Company is to constantly increase the variety of new materials and introduce them to the Market as soon as they are first produced.


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